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More – Track Your Mobile Carbon Footprint

  • December 2, 2008

Ecorio.orgIn the words of the five-men team behind it, Ecorio enables you to “track your mobile carbon footprint. Reduce and offset it.

Inspire others to do the same. All from your phone. All for free”. This is a very apt definition of what this app sets out to do, and the issues it attempts to redress.

Once you have installed Ecorio, it will run in the background of your phone and keep tack of the car and bus journeys you undertake. A summary will be eventually produced, and then you can set down to buying offsets in relation to your carbon footprint figures.

That is, once you have figured out what is your personal contribution to global warming from activities like driving, you can fund activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to balance out the situation.

In addition to that, Ecorio makes it possible to you to find out public transit and carpooling information for each trip, and find the best routes available in an instant fashion.

As a conclusion, this is a well-developed application that deserves your attention if only because of the important role it can play out as regards stopping climate change.

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