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More – Know Where Products Come From

  • February 27, 2012

Sourcemap.comThe perfect service for those who are eager to stay green no matter the lengths they have to go, Sourcemap is a crowd-sourced tool that lets you know exactly where any product comes from. The site aims to become the definitive open directory of supply chains and environmental footprints, the one that shows customers like you and I what our favorite products are made of, and all the places they pass through until they reach the stores where we buy them.

This information is both supplied by consumers, and by these organizations that have nothing to hide. A site like this one is clearly one that responsible companies will feel attracted to, as it lets them highlight the efforts they make to do everything as it should be done. Hundreds of maps have already been created for furniture, clothing, electronics, food and more.

Sourcemap, then, makes it very simple for us to know which companies are doing things as they should ideally be done, not cutting corners just to get their products ready and shipped faster. And when all the features that are planned to be included are finally in place (including an enterprise risk dashboard, and item-level traceability), Sourcemap can become a site to watch out for. It’s already well on its way, if you ask me.

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