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More – Track Your Mobile Carbon Footprint

  • December 2, 2008

Ecorio.orgIn the words of the five-men team behind it, Ecorio enables you to “track your mobile carbon footprint. Reduce and offset it.

Inspire others to do the same. All from your phone. All for free”. This is a very apt definition of what this app sets out to do, and the issues it attempts to redress.

Once you have installed Ecorio, it will run in the background of your phone and keep tack of the car and bus journeys you undertake. A summary will be eventually produced, and then you can set down to buying offsets in relation to your carbon footprint figures.

That is, once you have figured out what is your personal contribution to global warming from activities like driving, you can fund activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to balance out the situation.

In addition to that, Ecorio makes it possible to you to find out public transit and carpooling information for each trip, and find the best routes available in an instant fashion.

As a conclusion, this is a well-developed application that deserves your attention if only because of the important role it can play out as regards stopping climate change.

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More – Carbon Calculator and Carbon Offsets

  • June 28, 2008

Begreennow.comBeGreenNow is a site that hopes to help reduce global warming by providing people with the ability to calculate their carbon footprint, compare it with the US average, and then reduce it by taking a number of possible steps. BeGreenNow provides a wealth of information about energy saving tools and practices that you can adopt to lower your footprint.

Whatever you can’t reduce with technology or lifestyle changes, you can neutralize by purchasing carbon offsets and renewable energy credits that help fund cleaner technologies and neutralize individuals’ impact on global warming. BeGreenNow, through its parent company Green Mountain Energy, claims to have already saved over 4,100,000 metric tons of Co2.

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More – A Green Social Network

  • June 6, 2008

Edenbee.comIt was bound to happen. With all the, ‘Being green is cool,’ ‘Gas is old hat,’ ‘What’s your carbon footprint?,’ conversations being bandied about like there’s no tomorrow, it’s only fitting that a social network based on “green” would be made.

And that’s just what the folks behind Edenbee did. Edenbee focuses on climate change as it’s save the world hook. Like other social networks, you register and create a profile and then contribute to the community and friends through groups, photos, music videos, etc. However, as a green site, your profile includes a glimpse into your lifestyle. In other words, How green are you? Once you figure where you’re at, you can set goals to help you change and in turn, save the world little by little. The site features a bevy of tools like a carbon footprint calculator, or Carbon Timeline, to help you be progressive and productive. There’s also plenty of tips and articles to help you out.

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More – A Guide for Greener Living

  • May 12, 2008

Greenopia.comWe all strive to lead a more eco-friendly life; Greenopia is your guide for doing so. The newly updated website is part city-guide, part lifestyle-guide to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Currently servicing New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (with guides slated for Chicago, Austin, Detroit, and Las Vegas) Greenopia analyzes and reviews the “greenness” of local businesses and organizations. Greenopia also features interviews and blogs, with topics ranging from “Curb Your Carbon with Laurie David” to “Diaper Duty Dilemma.” The site sells hard-copy city guides starting at $16.95.

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More – Track and Reduce Your Footprint

  • April 15, 2008

TheCarbonAccount.comIf you would like to live a greener life or help your friends to do the same, is a new site you might find quite useful.

On this site, you can go beyond simply reading information on how to minimize your environmental impact. When you register and create your “Carbon Account” you can enter personal and household data and start tracking your personal carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is a common term used to describe the total amount of carbon emissions you are personally responsible for. You may be directly responsible (such as the fuel you burn in your car) or indirectly responsible (such as the carbon emissions resulting from production and transportation of the food you eat). TheCarbonAccount takes both types into account when calculating your footprint. This site goes a step further than most other carbon footprint calculators by asking you to keep entering information over time – such as gas meter readings, car mileage, or information about flights taken. TheCarbonAccount also has a Facebook App that was recently released.

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More – Environmentally Friendly Searches

  • August 28, 2007

GreenbackSearch.comConcerned about your carbon footprint while browsing the net? Even if you’re not even sure what that sentence implies, take a look at

The new ‘environmentally friendly’ search engine sponsored by Google reduces the amount of energy expended by each search executed by using pixel colors which consume less carbon than does the traditional white interface. The site operates exactly like Google; the interface and options are extremely similar; the only difference lies in the colors of the interface. The site also contributes 50% of its profits to, a non-profit organization which aims to offset the environmental impact of our lives. When you register for the site (for free), GreenbackSearch tells you by how much you and your network of friends (you can send invites) have reduced your carbon footprints.

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