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More – Travel Together to Save the World

  • July 23, 2008

RoadSharing.comNewcomer to the social travel scene, RoadSharing aims to make a difference, specifically an environmental one. This site is concerned with your carbon footprint, which as you probably know by now is greatly augmented when you travel in your gas guzzling car.

One way to curb your carbon emissions is to car pool or to bring some people along with you on your next roadtrip. RoadSharing connects people who need a ride with those who’ve got a ride; thus people can get to where they need to be and make new friends on the way. The site is divided into two basic options: Search a route and Share a route. The latter is for those looking to drive people to a certain destination, while the former, is for those looking for a lift. The site is available in several languages including Italian and Spanish. Sign up is free.

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More – You Search, They Grow Trees

  • April 16, 2008

Ecocho.comEcocho touts itself as a green search engine that manages to reduce global warming as people use it to search. It is one of many so-called green sites popping up and attaching themselves under the ‘’use me, save the world, be green’ banner.

Ecocho isn’t the first green search engine and won’t be the last. But the interesting thing about Ecocho is that for every 1000 searches, Ecocho will plant up to two trees to offset carbon emissions. It’s actually a wrapper for Google and Yahoo so you can choose between the two as your search engine of choice. 70% of revenue will also go to carbon offset credits. Try it out, plant a tree.

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More – Environmental Games to Reduce Co2

  • November 21, 2007

Carbonrally.comIf sheer education isn’t enough to prompt people to reduce their carbon footprint, perhaps good, old, fashioned competition will. At least this is the rational behind CarbonRally, a new social network cum game site which aims to stop global warming by way of challenges.

Up till now 425 Rallyers have reduced over 4.03 tons of Co2 emissions. To accept challenges, you’ll need to register on site first. After that, CarbonRally will set up weekly challenges and notify you by email. If the Featured Challenge doesn’t apply to you, browse through the challenge list and accept one which appeals to you. Alternately, you can join a team of neighbors, colleagues, friends, or whomever. Team leaders are given roster management tools and they can send notes of love to their best players. The Leaderboard shows the rankings for top cities, teams and individuals. Soon, you’ll also be able to think up challenges of your own. Sign up today and accept the challenge.

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