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RelayRides Proves You CAN Win The Race Outside The Fast Lane

  • October 14, 2013

With 500% membership growth in a year, the acquisition of Wheels, and poised to leave Zipcar in the dust without the costs of maintaining a car fleet slowing them down, RelayRides looked like the next Usain Bolt in the car rental space. Then came an unexpected gear shift. What happened? Somewhat like the…

More – Drive Smart. Pay Less.

  • October 27, 2008

CouponRentalCar.comAre you traveling and in need of a rental car but don’t want to over spend? If you’re in need of some discounts, take a look at and find out what rental companies are offering you the chance to save a few bucks.

Coupon Rental Car offers car rental coupons and car rental reviews to provide you with reliable service and quality car rentals. The rental car coupons provided on this site are primarily for citizens of the United States and United Kingdom, but the companies listed provide rental cars and deals internationally.

You’ll not only be able to enjoy discounts on your upcoming car rental but you’ll also be able to read some great articles that will help you make a more informed choice. These days there are so many options that sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the best choice is. makes it easier for you by providing all the information and savings on vehicle rentals.

This site features an easy to navigate interface with news, reviews, and coupons from the latest brands that are always up to date. In addition, the site is in the process of adding geo-targeted coupons to our article database.

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More – Top Travel Destinations

  • May 13, 2008 is a site where travel experts share their tips and expertise to convert you into the expert; you can explore and learn within this site about trips and find new friends who have traveling experience, and earned many miles.

You can find within this site all the top offers, airline offers, hotel special, car rental deals, cruise specials, package deals and bonus mile offers. If you are interested in what Johnny has done, and how he has done it, you can enter the Newsletter section, where you will see where he has gone, where he has visited. You can look into many sections, with travel deals, newsletter archives, photos, and learn more about Johnny, buy you can as well find many offers, such as this week’s offers, with trips to US and Canada, New York, Orlando, Europe and Latin America, Australia, Denver and many other flight offers and hotel bookings. You can also find listings on different Airline offers, book your airline ticket with, such as Alaska Airline, Delta Airline, Frontier Airline, British Airway, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire and Priceline; you can look into all the hotel specials, saving important percentages, such as Best Western, Crown Plaza, Fairmont, Four Points, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriot, Sheraton, Westin, and many others.

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More – Save On Your Car Rental

  • May 8, 2008

RentACar.comIn the mood for a holiday and don’t have transport? is your online car renting directory. Featuring the best car renting deals online, is essential if you are looking for the best car available online. has a helpful list on the left hand column, allowing you to see the best most popular rentals online. The site also contains a list of specials, season deals, deals by city and international services. Domestic and International brand dealers include Budget, Avis and AAdvantage. There is also a ´cool cars´ section, which allows you to access the very best and most popular range of cars on the market. Under the ´specials´ section, you have ´popular city deals, ´ ´free rental day´ and ´50% off weekend rental´ options. The site is very easy to use and you don’t have to do too much browsing around to find what you’re really looking for.

To find the best rental deals, visit

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More – Don´t Let the Name Fool You

  • April 7, 2008

RentAWreck.comRent-A-Wreck is one of the most recognized neighborhood car rental companies all around the world. Don’t get fooled by the name; the cars you will rent at Rent-A-Wreck are far from wrecks.

The idea of the funny name is for you to remember the company as well as the quality customer service and low costs rentals. Whether you are looking for a car, truck or van for business or pleasure across the USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland, you should definitely try Rent-A-Wreck. A large list of states is displayed on the site; click on the ones you are interested in so as to get the car rental information. Check out the specials category, where you will find great discounts; for instance, the current special is for the ones who rent a car at Rent-A-Wreck for more than 28 days. For more details and information on car rentals, check out the site.

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More – Your Travel Website

  • March 22, 2008

Amadeus.netLooking for cheap flights? will definitely help you get them.

In this web site you will be able not only to search for flights, hotels and car rentals but also make reservations for them. The site will also lead you to the best deals in the market, helping you get the lowest prices for diverse services. All you have to do is to indicate a location and a destination, a departure date and an arrival date and that’s it. Moreover, the site also offers different search criterions in order to make your search more specific such as specific airlines, type of flight, travelers type and much more. Furthermore, the web site provides you with important trip tools such as airport guides, currency converter, destination guides, maps, subway maps, weather and more. The site’s layout is simple, well designed and with a correct categorization and structure that help the users find quickly what they are looking for.

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More – Guide to Outdoor Adventures

  • February 25, 2008

VisitUSA.comAbout to travel? Planning your next vacation? Looking for a site where you can find info about outdoor adventures? If so, this is without a doubt the site you have been looking for. VisitUSA.

com is aimed at offering an online guide to outdoor adventures. On this site you will be able to search for airline phone numbers, passports, visas, state maps, camping, car rentals, pet friendly hotels, wifi hotels, vacation planning and much more. They give you the possibility to have access to almost all the information you need about USA attractions such as beaches, lakes, cities, national parks, state parks, etc. One of it main attractions is that you can select the state you want, to get the information you are looking for. Other features include photos, best hotel rates, travel tips and more.

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More – Rent Your Car

  • February 23, 2008 is a site to rent cars but made easier and cheaper. It’s more like getting into a club or a network with special benefits. To become a member you only need to make an application providing your information and paying a one time fee of $25. Once you are accepted you have to pay an annual fee of $50. The good thing is that you won’t have to bear with monthly payments nor any kind of deposit.

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More – Low Rates on Car Rental

  • February 19, 2008

Alamo.comAlamo Rent a Car started in 1974 with four locations in Florida, pioneering the concept of Unlimited Free Mileage. In its nearly 30 year history, the Alamo Rent A Car brand has continued to serve family and leisure travelers with car rental services.

Today, Alamo operates through a network of more than 1200 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. So, if you want or need to rent or buy a car, don’t hesitate to visit this site. It allows you to rent a car without leaving home and even without using the phone. All you have to do is fill in the form. To specify is you are returning the vehicle in a different location, choose a car, book it, and confirm. It is really easy to do it, but remember you must have a credit card to use this service. On weekends you will obtain a discount in your renting. The site also offers the possibility of becoming a member and has benefits like specials deals, faster services and more.

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More – The Solution for Your Trip

  • February 16, 2008

Airportrentalcars.comAre you looking for different options and prices at time of renting a car? This is your site

In this site you are able to get the best deals from renting a car in every part of the world. So, if you want or need to rent a car, don’t hesitate to visit this site. It allows you to rent a car without leaving home and even without using the phone. All you have to do is fill in the form or your trip itinerary. To specify if you are returning the vehicle in a different location, choose a car, book it, and confirm it. It is really easy to do it, but remember you must have a credit card to use this service. The site also offers benefits like specials deals, faster services, travel saving options and more. The company works with Hertz, Avis, Alamo, National, Advantage and more. It is easy, quick and no need to call or contact the company, your car will be waiting for you.

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More – Convenient Airfares, Hotels and Cars

  • February 12, 2008

Hotels.comDo you need to check in? Did you already choose a hotel for your stay? Planning to book in advance at the best rates? Or just fare gossiping and fare shopping? Anyway, combine all that stuff, fare quoting, online booking and online shopping at one single spot,

If you still have doubts about it, access this website and in one click prove me wrong if you dare. Offering ultimate travel experience their incredible information sources, including Expedia, Orbits, Travelocity and Hotwire guarantee your travel satisfaction. Full content agreement ensures you get the most convenient fares, rebates and package deals when scheduling your flight, booking your hotel room or renting a car. Get also discount alerts in your email account and start packing for a wonderful journal.

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More – Travel Search Engine

  • February 12, 2008

VacationOutlet.comTired of browsing through different sites to find the best plan for your vacation? Don’t know where to start searching for flight tickets, hotels, or car rentals? About to get married, but still haven’t decided where to go on your honeymoon? Looking for a hotel that suits your travel needs? If so, this is the site you have been looking for. On this site you will be able to search for deals, vacations packages, cruisers, car rentals, honeymoon deals, discount travel packages and much more.

You can pick the airline, flight times, and the hotel that suits you the best. They also give you the possibility to shop by destination as well as by cruiser line. Destinations include Aruba, Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Florida, Las Vegas, and Mexico, among others. If you want to receive their exclusive offers and sales, just subscribe to their mailing list.

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More – Car Rentals

  • January 21, 2008

Enterprise.comIf you want or need to rent or buy a car, don’t hesitate to visit this site. It allows you to rent a car without leaving home and even without using the phone.

All you have to do is fill in the form. To specify is you are returning the vehicle in a different location, choose a car, book it, and confirm. It is really easy to do it, but remember you must have a credit card to use this service. On weekends you will obtain a discount in your renting. The site also offers the possibility of becoming a member and has benefits like specials deals, faster services and more.

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CarRental.Com – Great Car Rental Rates

  • December 9, 2007

CarRental.ComPlanning your trip on the road? Planning your next vacation? Or just a business man looking for excellent deals at the time of renting a car? Exclusive suppliers such as Avis and Budget offer through this website an incredible selection of promotions and special deals for your to be able to organize that trip in a very fast, convenient and easy way. By typing the pick-up city and the drop-off location you will gain an extensive variety of prices and car rentals benefits.

And by selecting a city from a drop-off menu you will be able to obtain last minute deals that will surprise you and your budget for sure. Either midweek, weekend, off-airport locations offers, everything is available at The site gets constantly updated in order to provide users the hottest and most convenient prices, so if you are a real bargain finder when searching for a car rental, then you should not hesitate to bookmark this site, register, log in and start enjoying the advantages of such a great engine. CarRental.Com

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More – Travel Search Engine

  • December 4, 2007

Pinpointtravel.comIn case you are looking for cheap airline fares and travel deals, the official site of Pinpoint Travel Group might be of help. You can browse through this site to find cheap flights to New York, cheap flights to Canada, and cheap flights to Australia. In addition, take a look at the cheap flights to UK offered on can give you details regarding train tickets and flight tickets to many destinations. Cheap tickets and great travel deals are featured on this site, so feel free to check the available flights to New York and flights to UK. What’s more, this site offers cheap tickets and cheap airline fares on flights to Canada and flights to Australia.

You just need to stop by to get your train tickets or flight tickets. You can search for travel deals and find cheap flights to Canada and cheap flights to New York.

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More – Travel Search Engine

  • November 21, 2007

Comparediscounthotels.comAbout to travel? Planning your next trip? Looking for discount hotels? If so, this is the site you have been looking for. The site allows you to compare discount hotels, so you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily.

It offers special deals not only on hotel rooms but also on vacation rentals from brand hotel chains, such as Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, and Hilton Hotels, among others. In addition, you can also search for car rentals, flights and vacation packages. Their destination guide can help you find where to go and how to plan your trip. It contains recommendations on attractions, restaurants, and more. Don’t forget to subscribe to their e-newsletter in order to receive an email with the hottest travel deals worldwide.

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More – Online Travel Resource

  • October 18, 2007 is a leading aggregator of airline fares and discounts.

Their aim is to provide great fares. It offers information to all users regarding the best deals, price comparison, travel guides, news and advice, travel tools and specialty travel among many other wonderful features. Here, you can find bargains from Airfare, Hotels, Car Rentals, Vacations, Cruises and more. Customers are able to contact them online or through one of their call centers, they want to make users experience quick, easy, straightforward, and hassle-free. In addition, the website provides users with a great search engine, which will give customers all the information they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a senior, if you want to travel by airplane or cruise, or if you want to go to Japan or Paris, you will always find some of the greatest deals ever. This is a very well organized website, everything can be found within its corresponding and in only a matter of seconds. has the great advantage that is provides a free service with no need for registration. This service is targeted to a huge potential audience because everyone loves to travel and people usually need someone or something that can advice them on where to go, by which means and how much they should pay.

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More – Airline

  • October 9, 2007

USAirways.comAbout to travel? Looking for the most convenient flights? Then check out this site. US Airways, the fifth largest domestic airline, serves more than 230 communities in the U.

S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, including popular destinations like Brussels, Zurich, Lisbon, Milan, Maui, etc. The site provides visitors with helpful travel tools and facilitates information about the weather, fun facts, and vacation tips. They have also made arrangements with car rental companies, so that they can offer their customers great deals in cities across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Latin America, among many others. The site allows you to make reservations for flights, hotels, cruises, etc. Don’t miss their Dividend Miles program, a reward program where you can earn miles not only when you travel but also when you purchase products. Don’t forget to sign up, so you can receive emails with special offers, promotions and their latest news.

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More – Travel Search Engine

  • October 8, 2007

Sidestep.comAre you planning your next trip? Do you want to find a site to search for cheap airline tickets and hotel deals? Then, you need to visit . SideStep is a travel search engine you can use to find cheap flights, hotels discounts and cheap airline tickets among other travel deals.

On this site you can compare airline ticket prices and discover deals from the best travel providers. In addition, you can also search through multiple travel sites for discounts on airlines and hotels, and check the best car rental services in your destination. You can use online for free from your computer, or download their free application for mobile phones.

In conclusion, if you are planning your next vacations and you are looking for travel deals, will be a useful site for you visit. You can use this tool to search for cheap flights and airlines discounts, as well as to find hotel deals and promotions.

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More – Buy Airplane Tickets

  • September 30, 2007

Travelocity.comWant to go back home and spend the upcoming holidays with your family and friends? If you want to turn your plans into a great and fun family trip, go to

This website provides you with all the necessary tools to help you get to wherever you need to be at. If you aren’t sure as to where spend you next family vacation, you should check out the Vacation Packages category where you will be able to find deals on flights, hotels and activities and cool trip ideas. Finally, once you have chosen your destination, you will be able to pick the kind of transportation you want, searching for flights, trains, cruises or cars. Finally, you will also be able to search for hotels available at your destination. All you have to do is fill in the form stating your departure date and place, where you are going, how many people will be traveling and you have the possibility to search for packages such as hotel and flight and flight hotel and car helping you save a bunch of money you will be able to spend on souvenirs.

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