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  • March 2, 2008

PistonHeads.comIf you would like to be informed with the latest news related to cars, you should visit

In the news´ category you will find general news as well as information divided in categories depending on the brands; Aston Martin, Lotus, Noble and Porsche are some of them. If you are interested in buying one particular car, motorbike, plates, etc. in this site you will be able to find advertisements in the classifieds´ section. The page offers you the possibility of becoming a member, this means, being part of a community in which everyone shares the interest in cars, and it is free of charge. After having registered you can go to the forums and comment, express your points of view and discuss with others about the topics you choose. There is a calendar provided for you to know what the upcoming events are. The site’s layout is very organized and full of car images that will catch your attention.

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