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  • March 9, 2008 is the site of the Dennis Gage television show My Classic Car.

Here you will find cool stuff about classic cars and also fun games to play. The site is very simple and features a few selection of categories. Those categories mentioned are: airtimes on speed, episode information, eastwood garage, tv advertisers, MCC merchandise, cool cars, fun & games and how to. The airtimes on speed section offers information on when are going to be launched the episodes. Currently the ones that are featured are episode 13003 titled Vintage grand prix-rotating assemblies and episod 13004 resto mods-floor coating systems. If you desire to check out other episodes you can visit the episode information section. There you will find the entire list of episodes and the information related to them. At the eastwood garage section you will get tips from all different episodes starting form 1998 up to 2008. Moreover the cool car section provides you with photos of cars that are organized into different categories such as classic car closeups, photo gallery and automakers websites. In addition you will also find at the fun and games section a selection of trivias, car challenges and wallpapers.

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