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More in and out of a lease

  • March 9, 2008 in and out of a’s premise is to facilitate the process by which someone currently in possession of a vehicle on lease but looking forward to getting out of it and someone after a short-term lease come together.

The whole point is to provide lease sellers a space in which to let potential lease buyers know about what their deal is, so the latter can contact the former if everything suits them. The listings of lease sellers are updated in real time, and as soon as you find your lease of choice you may make an offer or contact the seller in case you want to assume the lease – which means that you will not need to face any down payment. However, remember that before proceeding to the assumption you must be pre-approved, which entails filling in a credit application. Your search through the site’s listings can be narrowed by make, series, model, style, type, year, how much you are willing to pay monthly and months remaining on the lease. has often appeared on TV, radio and the press, appearances which have backed up their reputation and which are available for visitors to check out at the ‘press’ section. in and out of a lease

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