More – Coffee And Tea Specialties

  • June 2, 2008

Caffeinegourmet.comIf you like starting your day with a fresh, tasty coffee, you should visit The Caffeine Gourmet then. They opened their operations in 2006 and are located in downtown Largo Florida.

Whether you like strong tastes or real smooth ones, you will find whatever you need to please your taste sense. They have over twenty different coffee varieties, all roasted and fresh. If you go for a coffee you would probably be tempted by some delicious meal to accompany your drink. There are grilled sandwiches, baked pastries, cheesecakes and pies, as well as fruit smoothies. In case you are more fond of teas, you will find a large array of tea flavors for you to choose from. As a matter of fact, they feature forty eight varieties of loose leaf tea. You can ask for a tea cupping session on their store. In addition, to their specialties, they also offer breakfast and event catering. So, in case you need to prepare breakfast for your morning meetings at your company, you can ask them to deliver it to you.

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