More – If You´re Not A Robot You´ll Dig This

  • May 31, 2007

Hotcaptcha.comYou”ve seen CAPTCHA”s, those blurred words that you have to decipher on some web registration forms, to prove that you”re not a bot. Well, it works with people too, not just words.

The site Hotcaptcha has created a rather amusing mash-up in which the CAPTCHA”s are pictures of people and you have to pick the three that are Hot. It”s simple, if you pick the balding fatty, you”re a bot; but if you can discern the real hotties from the losers, then you”re utterly and truly human. To use Hotcaptcha on your site simply copy some lines of code into a form on your site; you can even choose the gender of your Captcha. And it”s free. While it doesn”t help to digitize books or anything like that Hotcaptcha will definitely keep your readers enthralled.

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More – Digitizing Books With Turing Tests

  • May 30, 2007

Recaptcha.netCAPTCHA”s are programs designed to discern whether a user is a human or a computer, sort of like a simplified Voight-Kampff or Turing test. You”ll often find CAPTCHA”s which are colored boxes with distorted text on web registration forms.

Recaptcha has determined that about 60 million of these CAPTCHA”s are solved by humans each day, with each taking around 10 seconds to complete or 150,000 hours of work per day. It aims to use these tests to assist in the effort to digitize books. Books are scanned and the pages are then transformed into text via OCR”s or Optical Character Recognition. However some OCR converted texts cannot be read by computers which is why Recaptcha turns OCR text into CAPTCHA”s for humans to solve. Recaptcha is completely free to use on your own site and it contributes to a great cause. Recaptcha was created by the original CAPTCHA creators and has the highest security standards; download it for your site today and help digitize books.

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