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  • August 26, 2011

CapitalHive.comThere’s really no foolproof way to have investment ideas tested, and getting to realize all the possible ramifications that investing here or there could have. But there are some sites that make for having a much better understanding of how truly bright or misguided any investment idea really is. Take, for example. On this website, any person who thinks he might be into something good can get other people’s opinions by creating a stock portfolio that can be traded virtually. In the event this portfolio manages to perform well, then he’ll be able to have it published and let others subscribe to it for a fee.

The site comes with a powerful search tool that lets anybody find portfolios that minutely match his investing style. Once one has been found, the user is allowed to begin monitoring it for a while before actually having to make a commitment by following it.

CapitalHive is in beta as of the time of writing this. This means payments are disabled, and that people can subscribe to portfolios for free.

And if you need even more guidance when it comes to portfolios and investing, then you might as well like to check a site like this one out.

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