More – Letting Programmers Find Good Jobs

  • October 11, 2010

CanYouCode.comCan You Code is a site that is aimed at coders and programmers. Its objective is becoming a resource in which only jobs that are fairly remunerated are posted.

Likewise, a lot of emphasis is placed on the quality of the companies that are featured, as these are checked manually in order to ensure that they are reputable. Everything from LinkedIn profiles to Open Source contributions is examined and weighed up.

And as far as freelancers are concerned, the main appeal of the site is that they are going to be paid better than on competing sites. That is what is aimed for, at least – the idea is to let coders and designers earn as much as $ 35/hr (as opposed to the $ 10/hr that can be earned in most other sites of this nature).

Structurally, Can You Code is quite logical. You have a section titled “Hire People” and another that goes by the name of “Find People”. The main page also lists the developers that have joined the Can You Code community more recently, too. If you are hiring and you are looking for fresh talent, you might as well start your search there.

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