Cannabis Social Network ‘Kannatopia’ Is A Community For Marijuana Enthusiasts And Patients Alike

  • January 9, 2018

Almost 30 states in the US have either legalized or decriminalized various forms of cannabis for recreation, medical purposes, or both, despite it remaining illegal under federal law. The number of states permitting medical marijuana grew by almost 20 percent and the number of states with recreational marijuana doubled in 2016 alone – meaning that 95% of the US population now lives in a state with some form of legalized weed (including CBD). Which means that it’s high time (pun intended) for a social network for marijuana users – and Kannatopia has us covered.

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More – Cannabis Relevant Information

  • July 28, 2008

Cannabinoid.comIf you were looking for a site in which you can find marijuana information, this is the site for you. Whether you are against its consumption or not, you will find interesting data about cannabis right there.

On the main page of the web site there are diverse categories, such as: message boards, information, socialize brochures, medicinal, recreational, drug testing, cultivation, law and politics, etc. At the message board you will see lots of archives and you’ll be able to read their privacy policy. Within the information section there are several links, such as: activism, politics, medical, growing, usage, recreational, pictures, etc. If you want to learn more about the seed, check out the cultivation link at the webpage. There you will also see a seed bank talk and a breeding forum. Some of their activism resources include diverse texts, like: “Censored Minds: a short outline of the dope wars”, “Dope war bibliography and related reference texts”, and many more.

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More – Cannabis At Your Fingertips

  • June 6, 2008

Wellcoolstuff.comThere are some topics in society which that are usually treated with euphemisms, such as drug consuming. Well this isn’t the case.

Here is no turnaround to say what this site offers: cannabis, pipes, bongs, grinders, even seeds. aims to be your main online smoking source, and to that end it has a large variety of items. Over 4000 products are waiting for you, and you can get them just by making a few clicks, and at an inexpensive price. The website started in 2000 and has built up an excellent reputation for its low prices and excellent customer service. All orders are done under super secure 128 bit SSL encryption, and new items are being added permanently. If you want an overview of what the site has to offer, you can have it at the headshop, placed at the homepage. There you can have access to many kinds of products, such as cannabis seeds, snuff snorting stuff, grinders and pollenators, blunt papers, and more. Click each item’s link to se the full description of it, including picture, price and code.

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More – Information About Substance Use

  • May 16, 2008

Drugtext.orgAt you will find all the information related to drugs and substances.

In case you know someone that consumes drugs and you want to help him out in any ways, you can start finding information about them. At the web site you will see a navigator bar on the left side of the page containing: articles, books, reports, legal, and psychopharmacology. On the former, you can have data about diverse topics, such as: the decriminalization of cannabis in Britain, the politics of harm reduction in France, the psychiatric aspects of marihuana intoxication, international league against prohibition, international conference on abuse and tracking of anabolic steroids, a theory of rational addiction, and many more. Each article has a link in which you will find extended info. Moreover, there are several books available for you to download to your computer. In addition, you will find the definition of what an overdose is, and general substances’ information for students and scholars.

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More – Marihuana Seed Bank Online

  • April 28, 2008

SensiSeeds.comGourmet smoker? Medical Prescription? If you are looking for some special seeds to grow your own weed, skunk, hemp or any other form of marihuana, this site is the way to go, as they sell carefully engineered seeds for indoor, greenhouse or outdoor cultivation, though note that they only ship to selected European countries. The variety and diversity of stock is really impressive, as is the knowledgebase available from the site, which will walk you through all the steps of the cultivation process, provide guides to making hashish and even cook some trippy dishes and drinks to try alone or with friends.

But the site is definitely not only about seeds, as you can also get hemp products, like yoga mats, litter for your pet cage, and hemp oil, which is great for caring for animal hoofs and horns. I would have liked to see something along the lines of a shopping guide, as it is clear that most of the site’s customers probably wouldn’t be able to grasp the difference between the species of plants provided, nor their effect. You can get some recommendations by visiting the forum, where a large community of users joins to discuss planting, smoking and share their image galleries.

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More – Teen Center for Drug Information

  • February 11, 2008

Freevibe.comPowered and developed by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, is a portal that aims to help teens wade the imminent risks of dangerous activities: taking drugs, surrendering to peer pressure, and having sex.

The site’s design is quite cool, and it features several multimedia and animations, and thus aims to catch the eye of teenagers around the web, especially those that are only having their first experiences with soft drugs, like marijuana. Accordingly, the site is written in short and to-the-point sentences indicating facts about the dangers of smoking cannabis or the ways in which tv commercials or magazines ads portray a deceitful and often misleading image of ourselves. One of the most interesting bits about the site is an interactive animation of the brain where by pointing to highlighted areas of it, a small text flyover displays explaining exactly what the damages of smoking marijuana is to, say, the hypothalamus, and what that means in the short/long term, explained in accessible language, with a couple of dialogue bubbles coming up and making smart comments; for instance, when referring to the increased appetite that occurs after smoking cannabis, the bubble displays messages like: “sure, pigging out is really attractive”, or “It’s soooo not safe to drive high”.

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