More – Find Links Of Cancer Issues

  • May 28, 2008

OncoLink.orgCancer has become a very common disease, and it’s always better to be informed about it so that you can detect it on time. Oncolink.

org is a site engine that provides a lot of links regarding this issue. At the left of the site you will be able to see a list of categories in that include the following: types of cancers, cancer treatment information, coping with cancer, cancer clinical trials matching, cancer resources and news, ask the cancer expert and Oncolink library. By selecting any of these categories the site will offer the web visitor a number of the best links, based on their criteria. You have also the possibility of using the quick search in which you only have to enter a key word and the links will immediately appear in the site. If you would like to read general information about then you can visit the “About Oncolink” section or you can get in contact with them through the address published in the site. Get informed about everything you can so you can prevent it in the future!

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