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More – Kirkwood Community College

  • March 11, 2008

Kirkwood.eduPlanning to go to college? Still trying to find out which one is the best for you? Well why don´t you take a minute and visit, the Kirkwood Community College home on the internet.

You´ll find a lot of surprising facts and a huge list of activities that will put you to thinking about picking up this College for you. So check out the site and learn about the campus life at Kirkwood, find out how´s the Kirkwood´s baseball team, The Eagles, doing. Every question you may have will be answered by the images and the information that lies at this web site. You´ll be able to learn a lot about the current Kirkwood students and the prospective ones; you will also be able to see the maps and directories so you can begin to familiarize with the college. So don´t wait for the summer to be over and visit

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More – International Student Community

  • December 8, 2007

Campux.comAvailable in eleven languages, Campux aims to be what Facebook once could have been. However, where Facebook fixates on relationships and networking, Campux adds an extra component—locations.

They focus on campuses, university cities, and hot study spots/hangouts. Explore the cafes of Paris, the kneipen of Berlin, London pubs, the mate bars of Buenos Aires. Reviews are submitted by the students themselves. Campux also has the usual socializing accoutrements: photos, people and their profiles, mail, and groups. There’s also a section called Flirtmatch where you find potential dates at your uni or one near you. More than 1,000 universities throughout the world are represented. Registration is free.

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More – Hook Up in More Ways Than One

  • November 7, 2007

Collegeclub.comNeed to choose a school? provides you a wide variety of career schools.

The site features some interesting tools that may help you find a job like an advanced job search, a personal search agent, the possibility to post your resume, internships, and you can also check out who is hiring, and login to mycareerbuilder. You will also find links to other sites where you can find articles to learn more about your interest areas, information about financial aid issues, and student strategies. There is an interactive student forum that is available to discuss, ask, or share whatever you want. And because not everything is about studies there is also an entertainment area where you can see what college students are listening to or watching on TV. At the campus culture section you will experience the real life on campus and learn about the matters and problems of students living there.

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