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Why Is New York Attractive To European Startups?

Why Is New York Attractive To European Startups?

There’s talk that New York is now becoming more attractive to many European startups as the location for their first U.S. office although that may come as a surprise to some. Investors too are increasingly becoming more and more interested in the startup eco-system that’s been constructed there. While Silicon Valley has made sense for most companies from abroad, New York’s attributes are starting to shine and there are a number...

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Campalyst is an analytics platform that has been built from the ground up with one clear objective, namely letting users measure the ROI of Facebook Pages. This recently-unveiled platform can be used to analyze all the different stages in the conversion of any fan page, in a more comprehensive than what is allowed by Facebook itself. In case it’s all new to you, and you have never measured the ROI of any fan page hosted there...

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