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  • October 1, 2007

CheetahMail.comCheetahMail helps brand leaders from all industries enhance communication with their customers through expertise, strategy and technology. It has a broad range of e-mail marketing, web site analytics and advanced campaign solutions which enable marketers to develop, retain and strengthen customer relationships through highly relevant, timely and targeted communication programs.

It provides clients with a complete view of their customers and integrates both online and offline customer data into marketing campaigns to fully maximize ROI. It can quickly deliver highly integrated, multi-channel marketing programs that result in higher retention rates, lower campaign costs and increased customer satisfaction. CheetahMail ensures clients are getting the most value out of every customer touch-point and delivering the right message to the right person via the best delivery channel. This company gives you the opportunity to choose the level of service that best suits your own business needs. It offers many services which go from self service to full service options, providing each client with one-to-one support ranging from the simplest to the most complex service requirements. You can get Account Management service, which includes support and attention to run successful ROI driven campaigns, and Professional Services as well. There’re many Solutions available: E-mail Marketing (to deliver highly targeted and relevant e-mail messages to your customers and accurately track and measure response), Web Site Analytics (to gain deeper understanding of your web site visitors’ browsing and buying behaviors), and Advanced Campaign Management (to integrate data from different online and offline data sources to deliver the most relevant and effective marketing campaigns). Check out the News & Events section which includes Articles, Press Releases, and Upcoming Events. There’s also a Resource Center with White Papers, Webinars (online seminars), Sales Center, and Case Studies available too.

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