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  • May 8, 2008 is the site to a premier resort in Georgia, Callaway Gardens; this resort continues an environmental education commitment by managing the land for the benefit of future generations to come.

This award-winning Pine Mountain, Georgia, family getaway resort, the beautiful Callaway Gardens is public, educational, horticultural and a charitable organization. Within this site you can find a section to find thing to see and do, such as the garden admission, spring celebration, summer adventures, autumn-fest, warm winter memories and fantasy in lights; other things, such as other special events, shopping, different gardens, like the Azalea bowl, vegetable garden and overlook garden, there are exhibits and building, nature trails, recreational activities, like the beach, bicycles, fishing, gold, gun club and tennis; you can enjoy some of the birds of prey watching, the butterfly conservatory and other educational programs. There are many accommodation options within the accommodations section, as well with the dining and the different packages you can choose within the different choices given.

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