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More – 555 Do Not Call Me

  • February 11, 2008

Safercalls.comSometimes instead of giving out a fake number, (when in hindsight you really should have), you hastily rattle off your own and think none the wiser. Then begin the harassing phone calls.

Same goes for loan sharks and telemarketers. But dispel your worries, because you can fight back with SaferCalls. They give you a temporary phone number that lets you block unwanted and private callers, mask caller ids and forward calls to any number. Essentially, you can filter your calls, turning off your number as it were, whenever you choose. The cost is a not so hefty $19.99 a month. You can control features via your telephone . You get to select the area code for your temp SaferCalls number. There’s even a sliders feature allowing you to select a time during the day you want calls to ring to a forwarded number.

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