More – Set Goals For Your Team

  • March 10, 2011

Engage.calibreapps.comEngage is a new web-hosted tool that makes it very easy to monitor the performance of teams, and motivate them to do their best when things are not really going as expected. Any manager will be able to clearly define what must be done by each and every member of the team, and feedback can be served in a timely (and open) way. The performance of every team member can be reviewed and rated, both when it comes to individual goals and in the grand scheme of things.

And team members can reply to the feedback that is provided. Plus, they have a series of emoticons for describing the way they are feeling. These range from Stressed Out to Awesome, and give their bosses a direct idea of how comfortable they feel with the tasks they are having to deal with.

There are two plans to choose from (Basic and Premium), with the one and only difference being the number of supported teams and users. The Basic plan is limited to 8 teams and 5 users, whereas the latter plan is basically limitless. And note that a plan that is geared towards non-profits is likewise included. This supports unlimited teams and users, and it is costs notably less than the Premium plan.

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