Bitrix24 – Giving Small Companies The Problem-Solving Tools They Need

  • August 10, 2012

What do you get when you combine all the best features from Yammer, Dropbox and Zoho? A new project from Bitrix24, solving small business problems with communications, time management, reporting, working in teams, document sharing, CRM, etc. We caught up with Bitrix CEO, Dmitry Valyanov, to find out when he gets the best ideas, kid alarm clocks and the difference between entrepreneurship in Russia and the US.

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More – Give Life To Your Memories

  • October 16, 2008

ColorMailer.comColorMailer is a service which is provided by the Swiss company Colorplaza Ltd in partnership with Sony and other industry leaders. The tagline of this service is “Give life to your memories!”, and this is an apt definition since using ColorMailer you can have real photo prints and posters based on your own pictures delivered to your doorstep.

The full list of media which can be created using your photos or scans as the starting point is actually enumerated on the site. This includes photo books and calendars along with the already-mentioned posters, canvasses and art prints. Moreover, personalized greeting cards can also be created this way. In every case, the site lists the starting price and provides a “Get started” link that will provide you with further information as regards each specific product.

The site also includes a section where free desktop software downloads can be procured. These include photo books that will let you create your own albums and an application which goes by the name of “ColorMailer Photos & Posters” which will let you order photo prints from your desktop.

A free newsletter that lists the most recent developments is also featured, and you can sign up for it by furnishing your address when prompted. When doing so you will also receive 30 free prints. What’s more, photography tips and tricks are likewise available via RSS.

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More – Windows Mail Server

  • June 28, 2008

Smartertools.comSo you have been waiting for a site like this forever, a place where you could get your own mail server. Why don´t you listen to me? Take a few minutes of your coffee break and pay a visit to Smartertools.

com. Here at this great site you will be able to get your own mail server and many smart tools. So what are you waiting for? Just get online tonight and you will see what I´m talking about. Sit down in front of your computer and check out You will find everything you have been looking for and much more. So if you really want to get new customer software then stop seeking and try, you will thank me because it´s easy, comfortable and simple. Try it out and you won´t be disappointed. Stop seeking for any other site and check out this one because this is the one.

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RockdaleCounty.Org – Rockdale County Of Georgia

  • June 11, 2008 is the official website of Rockdale County, Georgia, and it was created to provide information about Rockdale County departments and offices. Also, you can learn about Rockdale County tourist attractions and find information about the history of Rockdale County.

Additionally, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to getting business licenses. Are you thinking of getting married? Then, you can learn how to get marriage licenses online. In case you are a Rockdale County resident and you want to get a passport, you can download passport applications.

Don’t you like your name? If so, you can visit the site to learn how to change your name and how to get a change of name certificate. Those who are looking for a job can learn how to become a notary public, too. To sum up, if you are looking for information about Rockdale County, then you will find a good site to visit. RockdaleCounty.Org

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CollectibleWebs.Com – Online Source For Antiques

  • June 6, 2008

CollectibleWebs.ComCollectibleWebs.Com is an online source for antiques, collectible, arts, and crafts, gifts, home décor, craft shows, fairs, festivals, auctions, vendor, and relevant events and services.

At this website you can buy and sell antiques, collectibles, vintage, and retro merchandise, art, crafts, home and garden decorations, and gifts. You can browse their directories to find antique shops and co-ops, antique dealers, restoration services, historical societies, museums, stores with collectibles, auctions and auctioneers, art galleries, craft stores, supplies, gift shops, artists, crafters, vendors and event services. You can check out its event calendars with antique shows and collector events, fairs, festivals, expos, trade shows, flea markets and town yard sales, arts and crafts shows, and much more. At the homepage you will find hundreds of categories related to these items and fields. You can submit your business or event by clicking on the banner provided at the bottom of the homepage. This website provides advertising space for visitors and customers. CollectibleWebs.Com

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More – Worldwide Calendars

  • May 9, 2008 is the site of worldwide calendars, where you can find any kind of categories, such as pet, travel, wilderness, wildlife, plant, fine art, automobiles, and sports, Americana, national parks, cities, provinces, regional and mind, body and spirit categories.

You can find this wide selection within the calendars section, where you will see a long listing of different and more precise-themed calendars, such as birds, cats, dog breeds, horses, home and garden, puppies, light-houses, marine life, United Kingdom, and many other themes, such as entertainment themes, with movie and actors calendars. Besides calendars, within this site you can also find yourself with a books selection with the same different themes the calendars have, with the difference of the amount of pages, and the fact that this is actually something researched, argued, and photographed. These books available are about amazing wild and scenic pictures, images and incredibly captured moments, worth admiring.

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More – Free Time Activities

  • May 3, 2008

WeLaf.comIf you just want to have some fun, it could be a considerable option for you to enter at this website. You know that you need to take advantage of your spare time.

It could not be the best option to spend your free time in front of your computer screen, but if you are used to, then try to have the more fun as possibly. is a website where you will find different kinds of funny pictures, wallpapers, screensavers, games and much more entertaining pictures from several topics. Also you will find jokes that you will decide if they are funny or not as well as you will decide if the pictures are funny too. You are allowed to post pictures, comments, jokes or whatever you want at this website in order to interact and make others know which things do you think are really funny to share. Give your opinion and expose your points of view in a funny way.

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More – Palm Beach County Florida

  • April 20, 2008

Palmbeachfl.comAre you thinking about making a trip? If you are, why don´t you forget your old ideas and try to consider a new exciting one; what I´m taking about is Palm Beach County Florida. Just take a few minutes of your Sunday to check out this great site and you will see what we are talking about.

You will find that they have plenty of fun things to do at Palm Beach. Just enter the site and browse along the list of things to do, where you will find plenty of nightlife ideas including restaurants, bars; a good list of attractions to check out and, among other stuff, a huge list of places to shop all kind of stuff. So if you are bored of going every year to the same place for the mid summer then you must take a deep breath and change that, how? Simple, take a trip to Palm Beach County Florida and you won´t be disappointed.

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More – All About Plants And Gardens

  • April 18, 2008 you enjoy gardening you should visit On this website you can find all sorts of articles about gardening. By visiting the site you will be able to find information on how to build your own garden. You will be able to read about house plants and lawn maintenance techniques, among other things. gives you the chance to take a look at information about house plants, trees, vegetables and fruits. On the site, you will also be able to read about horticulture, and get gardening advice from professionals in order to make a unique garden.

In addition to this, on Garden Action you will find all kinds of garden techniques and lawn maintenance techniques that will make your garden look wonderful. Therefore, if you want to build a perfect garden, feel free to stop by to get gardening advice and techniques, as well as information about houseplants and horticulture.

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More – Resources And Informati

  • April 15, 2008

bestfreecalendartemplates.netAt you can find all the information and resources connected with calendars, be it free calendar templates, printable calendars, photo calendars, monthly calendars, yearly calendars, group calendars and all the information you are going to need should you want to create your very own calendar.

You can read reviews, find reasonable prices, and even look at samples of professional templates (it is possible to buy them, of course). When it comes to making a calendar, you can find software which is easy to understand and use, and that will enable you to put calendars together in no time at all. If you are not particularly inspired, you can have a look at calendar ideas which are certain to set you going. But if you do not have the time to make your own calendar from scratch, it is possible to order a customized calendar. Moreover, you can find specific calendars such as Jewish calendars.

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More – Printable Calendars

  • February 27, 2008 features a huge number of free printable calendars, charts for babies, Christmas and holidays schedules among other categories.

There’s also a search box so you can find the articles that you are looking for in a more efficient way. You will find that the layout is quite simple yet effective, since it contributes with an intuitively comprehensible navigation. If you want to have access to the updates of new charts as well as giveaways you can subscribe to the Newsletter. The page also features an FAQ’s section that thoroughly explains topics such as ads, charts, wording and terms from different topics countries. The design is both simple and user-friendly adding to the site an image of professionalism. So if this site caught your attention, check it out at

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More – Create your own Calendar Online

  • February 22, 2008

HuntCal.comA very interesting website to consider if you are willing to pay a few bucks for online calendars. Prices are included within the web page and as far as I know it is worth it.

Hunt Calendars are designed to be easy to use and the system supports numerous features that make it a powerful and flexible communication tool. Calendars can be created for personal use or they can be shared by a group. This service is hosted on a server, so there is no need to install software. All you need is an internet browser. The Hunt Calendars branding can be replaced by your own content. You can customize all calendars that belong to your group by creating your own header and footer. All calendars that belong to your group share the customizations. If you need additional custom features and functionality, it can be alter the behavior and look of the system to meet your needs. Visit and never forget again your granny’s birthday or your wedding anniversary.

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More – Printable Calendar Templates

  • February 11, 2008

PrintableCalendar.caPrintable Calendar is a site that provides professional looking printable calendars in a matter of moments. At the site every download is a perfectly formatted Microsoft Word document that contains the finished calendar so you’ll never need to fill the dates in yourself.

The service is provided by their main site Free downloads are available in the hope that you’ll like them enough to purchase the Premium Membership. Some of the calendar types that can be found at the site are monthly calendars, weekly calendars, yearly calendars and booklet calendars. So if you want to design your own calendars Printable Calendar is a great option. It gives you the chance to be creative and make proffesional looking calendars in a very easy and fun way.

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More – Game Away

  • February 7, 2008

Gleemax.comIf you are the ultimate gamer you should check out

At users can play; Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, or Uncivilized: the goblin game. Besides being able to play your favorite games is a community. There is an events section where you can check out when the next launch party will be. There are also forums, chats, reviews, and blogs so yo can communicate and chat with other gamers. See what other users think about a particular game. You can disciver tips and secrets to your favorite games. allows you to improve your gaming performance by allowing you to meet other gamers and giving you lots of gaming information. Just like other social networks you can create your own page with your own profile. A market place is coming soon where you can buy gaming products. Play your favorite games and make friends at

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More – Helping Communities Stay Organized

  • January 15, 2008

BigTent.comIn case you are into a community group, and you are looking for a free web tool to organize and manage your group online, might be the perfect site for you. Big Tent offers a free, web-based software for community groups and organizations to connect online. On this site you can create a website for free and turn your community group into an online community.

You can create a group on for free to manage community groups’ resources, event calendars, discussions and member profiles, all in one place. What is more, you can automate membership renewal processes, track volunteers for activities and events and much more. On this site you can also search for community groups, and request for a live web demo of this software.

Do you want to turn your community group into an online community? Would you like to create a website for free to promote and manage your community group? Then, you should stop by

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More – What Larks in Your Town

  • December 14, 2007

GoLark.comThe question of what to do is a classic; it seems never to be answered. There are in fact whole voluminous, books dedicated to the subject.

However, for a quick primer on the matter you couldn’t go wrong in trying GoLark. GoLark helps you find out what’s going on in your area. Whether it’s a food fest, a concert or a museum exhibition, GoLark will keep you informed. Events and happenings are submitted by users like you. They can be hyped up or down in Digg like fashion with a click of a button; users can submit comments as well. Items may also be added to Facebook and to the calendar app of your choice (Gcal, iCal or Outlook). Of course, GoLark will also provide you with maps to the event via Map Quest, Yahoo or Google maps. Tabs for finding the most recently submitted and top larks are providing for easier browsing. To save events you’ll need to register and create a MyLarks account.

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More – Printable Calendars

  • September 30, 2007

CalendarsQuick.comDo you need some help keeping your life in order? CalendarsQuick could be a start to better organizing your life. CaledarsQuick.

com has free printable calendars for you to download. There are many different types of calendars. There are calendars that are organized weekly, monthly and yearly. There are calendars that focus on certain topics such as; business, household, academic and more. Within these categories there are different styles, some that are shaded, others that are lined or have specific areas designated for notes. The theme calendars are specifically designed to help you organize a specific aspect of your life, such as household. The household calendar has space for six family members and their household chores. The academic calendar is divided by semesters and has space for you to write down when you have tests and assignments. There is a premium membership that gives you extra features for $9.95 per year. Go visit and see if it can help you organize your time.

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More – Getting Families Organized

  • July 13, 2007

Cozi.comIn case you need to get your family life organized, the official site of Cozi might be of help. This site offers a Google apps platform that lets users create a to do list and organize their activities on the online calendar featured. From you can also get some dinner ideas and online food recipes, to simplify your daily life. uses Microsoft Outlook and Google apps to get your life organized. You can use the desktop calendar, make to do lists and shopping lists, and many other features. lets you manage your family’s daily activities, as you will get a daily agenda sent to your inbox through Microsoft Outlook.

You just need to stop by if you want to organize your family daily life. You can search for online food and dinner ideas, and get access to the online calendar. Additionally, you can get access to a desktop calendar and the to do list.

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More – Find time, use time, share time

  • April 10, 2007 is the official website of Teachers’s Curriculum Institute, which is focused on providing K-12 teachers with K-12 social studies resources. You can stop by this site to search for K-12 social studies programs and to find all kinds of social studies resources. is visited by many social studies teachers looking for K-12 teacher resources and social studies lesson plans. In addition, the site lets them know how to teach social studies, so they can get the best out of their K-12 students. Teacher resources available include K-12 videos, K-12 social studies lesson plans and K-12 worksheets.

It is also possible for K-12 teachers to download K-12 educational games and to find information about K-12 social studies standards, as well as social studies games. To sum up, if you are a K-12 teacher and you want to transform social studies instruction, you will find a good site for you to visit.

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