More – Sharing Local Calendars Online

  • September 30, 2010

CalendarGod.comCalendar God is a site in which people can share information about local events, in a way that is quite well-suited to how the Internet operates today. You see, the whole site has a community feel to it, as people who post anything can begin following each other.

For example, you can follow any musician or performer who uses the site and know about forthcoming shows straightaway. And you can also follow educational institutions and learn about new courses and the discounts that apply if you sign up for these at an early date.

Publishing events on the site can be done in two different ways: manually and automatically. The former entails filling in a short submission form each single time, whereas the latter involves importing all your events from Google Calendar.

The site does not cover the whole world yet. As a matter of fact, only a handful of cities such as New York, San Francisco and London are supported. If you are fortunate enough to live there, you will be able to put this site to good use. And if you are not, pay it a visit anyway to see how everything is structured. I am sure you will find it interesting, not to mention you will be familiarized with it all once Calendar God becomes available where you live.

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