More – A Social Calendar For Educators

  • March 25, 2010

CalendarFly.comA scheduling tool that has just been released, Calendar Fly brings a social touch into the world of online calendars. The service itself is targeted at a specific audience, namely students, their parents and their teachers.

Using it, a calendar with activities that have to be taken care of is shared between the teachers and the students (and by extension their parents). The principal advantage that such a service has is that of communicating information immediately – one entry for a snow day is transmitted in a flash. This makes for dispensing with calling each parent individually to explain what has to be done time after time.

Also, these calendars can be used in order to keep track of assignments, effectively ensuing that students won’t lose or forget them ever again.

This service will also be suitable for organization leaders that want to keep group members fully in the loop about the organization’s activities and upcoming events. They can post events in the same way that was described above, and the information is put everybody’s way right there and then.

In actuality, this solution would accommodate any activity within your life. If you want an application for getting yourself self-organized, Calendar Fly has got what it takes for stepping in those shoes.

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