More – Share Your Design Work With Clients

  • June 17, 2011

CageApp.comIf you are a designer and you want to provide your clients with a service that actually makes it extremely easy for them to review your work, then you are not finding a better platform than this one. Not without looking really hard, at least. You see, Cage is an application that basically lets designers have their work hosted on a unique URL that can be accessed by their clients, and also to collect the feedback they provide in a unified way. When using Cage, all the feedback that is produced becomes hosted on a centralized location that makes for reviewing it later on more easily.

As an application, Cage can be used by just everybody – agencies, design teams, freelancers… any person who needs to have a design submitted and rated will put it to a very good use indeed. And Cage has just moved into public beta, too. You can sign up for an account in a snap, and start having your work uploaded for review even faster than that.

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