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  • March 3, 2008

CafeMessenger.comIt is time to download Microsoft Windows Live Messenger, one of the latest version of MSN and the most popular social networking tool indeed. Along with the possibility to download this social network application which by the way will take just a few minutes and only 18Mb of space, you have plenty stuff to consider if you are in the mood for some fun.

I would compare this site with these New York cool cyber coffee shops like StarBucks where you have a menu with hot coffee and delightful donnuts. Well in this case to be more accurate you have a menu of hot games and cool activities served up daily and always there is a Daily Special. Are you up to the Big Monster Battle or Jigsaw Too? Those are just two of the games included in today’s menu. You can even download your own free Messenger Café Theme pack, always a surprise, so I won’t tell you about what you may get from that, but it is going to be much more fun than in a real coffee shop. It is very interesting the link to Windows Live website where you can find information on other products and services such as Windows Live One Care, a powerful antivirus and spyware to protect your computer and your coffee.

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