More – Search For WikiLeaks Cables

  • December 7, 2010

CableSearch.orgWikiLeaks has been one of the trending topics par excellence during the last couple of days. As such, it is not surprising that a site like Cable Search has been created. I am sure you can more or less guess what the site stands for. It is a search engine for these cables that have been leaked by Julian Assange and his team.

These cables can be looked up based on their recentness, their popularity, and their urgency. Moreover, they can be looked up by source. And if you want to look them up by date then that is also possible.

Although Cable Search is introduced as a site for journalists, it is evident that lots of casual users are going to give it a look. Only when the commotion caused by the release of these diplomatic cables has faded away will the site be used by journalists and no-one else. That is, provided the ones who have created it do not change their plans after seeing all the visits they are getting from a broader public and change tack accordingly.

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