More – Have Your Own Radio Station

  • April 22, 2010 is a new service that will have music lovers jumping up and down in joy.

Generally speaking, it will let them create a personalized radio and broadcast their own shows to all and sundry .

In actuality, this service will also keep people who fancy themselves as presenters and hosts fully entertained, as the provided platform makes for reporting news and covering sports.

This service is provided at no cost, and signing up for an account is a mere matter of choosing a password to go with your email (the one and only piece of personal of information that you are required to furnish). Once that is done, you can proceed to audition DJs or designate a couple of friends as that and let the fun begin.

Also provided at no cost is an app for listening to your Byo-fm station on your iPhone or iPod. This app is named “Airband”, and it is important to stress that a version which is compatible with Android phones is likewise available (and procurable for free as well) at the site.

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