More – Building Up More Traffic

  • November 20, 2010

Buzzmint.comDoes it ever happen to you that you glance at your traffic stats, and you fail to realize how you could use that information to bring a bigger number of visitors in? Well, that is not something unusual. I can tell you that it happens to a lot of people. And the fact that solutions like Buzzmint are released simply underline that fact.

In essence, Buzzmint is a tool for analyzing your current traffic stats and putting them to good use. You will be able to analyze all your current traffic sources, and then find similar sources that are not sending you visitors. In this way, you will be able to determine a strategy for broadening the scope of your site, and finding visitors who are going to stick around for a couple of minutes at the very least.

Besides, Buzzmint features a WorkBoard that will let you ensure the traffic sources you already have remain as strong as ever. And the site comes with lots of ideas for building up new traffic from scratch, too.

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