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  • December 2, 2008

Buzzingo.comBuzzingo is described by its author as a mashup that brings out the best of Yahoo’s Buzz Index and Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”. The site stands thus as an online resource where you can come across the latest online buzz from several sources.

Of course, the main page lists the latest items that have been added, whereas the site itself boasts a wide host of categories that include “Hot actors”, “Hot movies” and “Hot TV”, and which you can use to maximize your online stay.

As far as updates are concerned, the website is refreshed every hour from Monday to Saturday, and new items are added for you to browse through.

Lasty, it must be mentioned that the programmer of Buzzingo (Mr. Guv Tavor) is also responsible for sister sites Newzingo and Techzingo, which cover Google News and tech news respectively. Links for accessing these are provided on the site, so if you likeed Buzzingo chances are you will find its sister sites appealing.

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