More – A New Sports Calendar

  • January 13, 2009

Buzzcal.comSelf-touted as “The ultimate sports calendar”, BuzzCal is there to ensure that you won’t ever bypass a match that could appeal to you again. In general terms, the site will allow you to furnish the names of your favorite sports teams and then instantly visualize when they are playing.

Of course, this information is presented as part of a calendar – hence the name of the site.

In addition to providing you with this information, the website also makes it possible for you to set up alerts in a plethora of ways, in order to give you a more thorough service. These alerts include communications via e-mail, as well as text messages straight to your mobile.

Other than that, the opening screen includes a calendar that details upcoming dates as regards all major leagues. This information can be arranged by day, week and month.

In finishing, the site is a free and smooth way of remaining fully posted on the activity of every team that you give your heart and soul to. Wend your way to if you wish to know more.

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