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More – Keeping Tabs on the Net

  • April 16, 2008

CollectiveIntellect.comCollectiveIntellect tracks what’s going on around the internet. The service is squarely aimed at marketers who need to stay on top of trends while at the same time staying in tune with the collective interests of selective niche markets.

CollectiveIntellect allows marketers to assess the performance of their own branding campaigns, keeping them up to date on the latest buzz circulating their brand. Discussions on social networks, message boards, forums and blogs are constantly monitored in real-time. Information is filtered and easy to understand reports are assembled, with data ranked by influence, sentiment and popularity among other things. The service is also geared for the finance market with its filtering, market related content analysis tools. Investors can get the inside word on which bloggers to listen to and what news items are most important. CollectiveIntellect streamlines the research process, giving users only the most useful news.

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More – Tracking Buzz in the Blogosphere

  • October 20, 2007

Spinn3r.comSpinn3r is a new product launched by TailRank, the social news site. Spinn3r is an enhanced spider or crawler which is used to index the blogosphere.

Users can take advantage of Spinn3r’s super clean, spam fighting, spidering tech to build their own apps based on blogs. Other features that are sure to whet your whistle are ranking, language categorization, real time ping support, and spam prevention. These are especially practical for creating any sort of blog tools. Weblogs are indexed at least once an hour. New blogs are discovered via the specialized ranking algorithm. Security is impeccable—everything is constantly monitored so you needn’t worry. Spinn3r’s charges are monthly and are based per thousand blogs crawled and delivered. Their latest version is free for researchers.

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