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  • November 11, 2008

ClusterShot.comClusterShot is a resource which caters both for those who desire to purchase photographs over the web and for those who wish to sell images online. The former can look up photos via the provided search tool, whereas the latter can create an account and start advertising their pictures at the website.

As far as the featured search tool is concerned, it is possible to set down the orientation and resolution of the picture along with the price range in question. Keywords must also be provided, and the site includes some of the most popular terms so far for additional reference.

For its part, the most popular photos are prominently displayed on the main page for added flexibility and easier browsing.

In any case, after picking a photograph you like and checking out, you will receive the image instantly.

On the other hand, those who want to sell photographs through ClusterShot can upload their pictures to the site, or provide a link to the ClusterShot’s photo checkout in their existing photo websites or galleries.

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