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  • July 9, 2008

EVO.comAre you looking for snowboard clothing? Would you like to buy snowboard gear? is an online snowboard clothing store, that offers items ranging from snowboard pants and snowboard boots, to ski jackets and womens ski clothing. On this site you can also find snowboard gear and clothing of different brands including Burton, ans so on.

Therefore, if you are one of those who are looking for Burton snowboard clothing as well as mens ski clothing and womens ski clothing, you should keep in mind. Do you need snowboard gears? Would you like to buy ski clothing? If that is true, the official website of Evo might be useful for you to visit.

In conclusion, if you want to buy online snowboard gear and clothing in addition to ski clothing, feel free to stop by Then, to find all this items at low prices, try this website out.

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  • June 16, 2008

Greenzer.comGreenzer is a newly established green shopping portal that collects merchant and product information from across the internet and filters it into a comprehensive catalogue of the web’s best and greenest products. Greenzer chooses its products carefully, looking at four basic criteria to determine whether to include a product or not.

First, Green labels and certifications like EPA or EPEAT are checked. Next the product is analyzed for its Green attributes which include whether it is organically grown, solar-powered, made from bamboo, recycled, compostable, chemical-free or cruelty free. If the product makes it through these two phases it is also analyzed for general environmental impact qualities like whether it uses rechargeable batteries and finally, the companies overall Greenness is taken into account.

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