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  • March 15, 2008 is the official web site of BrainShark communication solutions, training and internet marketing for businesses.

Brainshark communications offer a variety of sales, marketing and corporate communication solutions such as marketing communications, sales productivity, training and readiness, and strategic alignment. They also offer a variety of software products that will boost and make your business communications more effective. Some of these featuring products that you can purchase for your business are brainshark presentations, brainshark campaigns, rapid learning, brainshark for CRM and other custom options that you can adapt to your business needs. You can subscribe to the web site newsletter by providing your email address and you will enjoy of free products and service alerts and deals, as well as news about the company at your email inbox. Other useful services that you can purchase are education and training, emarketing services, professional services and more. If you want to make your business communication more effective, consider checking out some of the Brainshark products at their site.

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