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This Week’s Best In Beta: Remotive And PodClear

This Week’s Best In Beta: Remotive And PodClear

Who needs the traditional, kitchen sink job board when the workforce and employers are hungry to go remote?

Read More – A Simple Way To Share Audio Clips

Chirbit can be defined as web-based application that lets users not only record audio files easily but also share them quite effortlessly. Some of the many uses that Chirbit can be easily put to include micropodcasts, quoting others and even love confessions. I personally wouldn’t do the latter, but in today’s technological world things like that are rapidly becoming the norm. The same goes for apologizing to other this way – again, I...

Read More – Asynchronous Comm Via Voice Mail Messaging

Lexy is a new phone service which enhances your communication experience. It works via voice recording and aims to change the way you use your phone. Rather than using voicemail, with Lexy you can take advantage of audio messaging allowing you to reply to voice mails with a single press of a button. You can have dynamic conversations with as many friends as you wish without having it all having to be live on the spot—asynchronous...

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