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A Glance Back At Apple WWDC 2012

Looking back through the leaps in consumer technology over the last decade or so it’s sometimes a challenge to imagine life without some of the everyday tools and devices we so readily take for granted. Even more so, it’s hard to actually recognize that we all have been affected by the technology we use, and in one way or another been affected by the presence of Apple Inc. – One of the largest and most successful technology...

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When Life Gives You A Lemon App, Make $8 Million Lemonade

So, I had a lemonade stand when I was like 10, and I think I made about $20 (sympathy money from the neighbors–the lemonade was crap). But, if only I had the foresight to realize I could turn those lemons into a virtual wallet app for my mobile phone device, I would be $8 million richer. Granted, 1995 wasn’t packing a lot of smartphone app heat.   Now, of course, startups and apps are blowing up the tech scene, and million...

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