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Stop Relying On These 3 Eye-Tracking Myths

Stop Relying On These 3 Eye-Tracking Myths

Spelled out on a post-it on the whiteboard behind me is the quote, “Everything you’re doing is made up.” I scribbled it down while listening to a successful serial entrepreneur give a talk on growth hacking the other day. It resonated because it’s simple, straight to the point, and true: All this shit is…

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There is no reason something like A/B testing should give you any problem, but the truth is some sites for administering such tests end up complicating it all beyond belief. Strange. And frustrating. But that is not the case here. SimpleAsAB is a site that plays things safe, and that lets you conduct A/B tests in the way they should be conducted. On the site, you simply set down the two variables that you want your test subjects to...

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