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Can’t You Read The Signs? Find Your Bearings At

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My girlfriend and I are from different countries and speak different languages, so communicating clearly is challenging. While trying to fill our car’s tires with air recently, she kept holding up her hand. I thought this meant stop, while she thought she was telling me to continue feeding the tires air. This would have been a perfect time for a guide to international symbols, or

 is an online reference for symbols, signs, flags, glyphs by culture, country, religion, and more. This site is an incredibly helpful tool in numerous situations – from making sure you understand road warnings accurately to not turning laundry machines on to the wrong setting. (Yep, done that one – which really only makes me even with my girlfriend, because she was wrong at the gas station!)


What’s Your Sign?

Oh yes, has the scoop on those “signs” as well. Save a date from going awry or avert falling in love with an incompatible partner by looking up which sign of the astrological zodiac a stranger’s birthday falls under.





Search for symbols alphabetically, or by investigating recently added or random symbols. Astrological signs with their corresponding Greek symbols feature prominently on the page, so they’re very easy to find. Guests may also take advantage of the side bar to conduct searches in the “Other symbol categories.”


Here symbols can be found in the following categories and more:

  • Animal Symbolism
  • Astrological Symbols
  • Astronomical Symbols
  • Awareness Ribbons
  • Emblems
  • Engineering Symbols
  • Flags
  • Food Symbols
  • Greek Symbols
  • Hazard Symbols
  • Language Symbols
  • Laundry Care Symbols
  • Map Symbolization
  • Mathematical Symbols
  • Medical Symbols
  • Military Symbols
  • Miscellaneous
  • Musical Symbols
  • Navigation Signs
  • Peace Symbols
  • Political Symbols
  • Recycling Codes
  • Religious Symbols
  • Warning Symbols
  • Weather Symbols


The other great feature of the site is the ability to look up world flags. Along with a picture and brief mention of a flag’s signature elements, offers a more thorough analysis of the components and a brief history of each flag’s creation and use. I took the opportunity to investigate a bit of my heritage, and I was enthralled to learn about the significance of the Irish flag’s colors and the disputed origins of this national flag. A great way to briefly tour the globe!





Making Sense Of Things – The Stands4 Network is the most recent addition to the Stands4 Network, an expanding treasury of free reference websites that have won awards such as the Writer’s Digest “Best Websites for 2005″ and “Best Free Reference Web Sites 2012″ from the American Library Association. Nearly 7 million unique visitors take advantage of these information sources around the world each month.


The Stands4 Network maintains valuable reference resources that include the following:

  • – an online gateway to any type of reference a person might need, from almanacs to world languages.
  • – an online English-Indonesian dictionary that provides instant search results, translations of words and phrases, definitions, complete with images.
  •– an online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries.


Especially when we step out of our ordinary routines or primary culture, the value of reading signs and symbols correctly cannot be underestimated. If you were hiking in Japan and came across a stair-like sign (pictured below), you might be ecstatic for a little reinforcement, however, you’re day would quickly turn terrifying when you came across the nearby volcanic crater.





Stay on the right paths!


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