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Switchcam.comI’ve always been allergic to the fan footagethat you come across on sites like YouTube when you’re actually looking for a song’s official video, or a popular live performance. Always have, and I fear I always will. Yet, a service like Switchcam goes some way into curing that allergy. What this site does is to bring together the footage of lots and lots of different fans that have attended the same concert, and use that to create a new, multi-angle version of any performance. The quality of the clips that are created like this can (and do) vary a lot, but it sure beats watching a shaky cam all the way through, always from the same angle.

The site lists all the most popular artists and genres on its homepage, and this is the link you should follow to have a page for any event you’ve attended created.

Of course, we’re yet to see how much of a problem it is for Switchcam to use nothing but fan footage to create its videos. Such media keeps on being removed at the behest of record companies and even artists, so the site runs the risk of ending up displaying a “Video Not Found” message after the other. In Their Own Words

Watch entire concerts and DJ sets, powered by fan footage and presented from multiple angles.

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Which other events could be pieced back together like this?

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