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Having a website without a great search is like having a museum without an entrance – they’re might be treasures upon treasures within, but no one is going to find them. No one is going to visit.


Frustrated customers who can’t find answers, missing details, dumb searches that can’t recognize a slight misspelling… this is not the way to keep an audience and grow business.


Swiftype offers a search solution that makes life easier for website owners and their guests. Swiftype is a customizable search for website and mobile apps. It only takes a few lines of code to install, and gives customers all the info they’re after quickly and painlessly.


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After signing up for an account, Swiftype does the work of making content searchable. What’s more, it maintains real-time indexing and updates instantly. So, when owners make changes to their sites or applications, they don’t have to worry about retooling their search.


Yes, top search results can be altered with a simple drag and drop selection, and the service is flexible enough to accommodate any special features or appearances. However, no tech expertise is required.


That said, Swiftype has an API that’s friendly to work with for developers who prefer to stay in control. Basically, implementing Swiftype search lets those in charge be as involved or hands off as they’d like and rest assured that their users have a topnotch search available.


Swiftype search works well for any kind of business (eCommerce site, web publication,  etc.), and while it’s busy helping people find what they want, it also generates analytics that help serve customers even better.


It’s easy to take search for granted. Most of us don’t think “wow, what a great search!” We only pay attention when search lets us down. So, there’s no room for error if owners want to keep happy traffic coming back. All the little touches that Swiftype gets right – simple options to refine searches, autocomplete, spell check and correction – ensure that everyone wins.


How good is Swiftype? Well, the proof is in the customer base: huge brands in very different industries turn to Swiftype for their search needs, including Shopify, Dr. Pepper, Qualcomm, Twitch and TechCrunch.


Don’t undermine all the hard work you’ve put into your application with a shoddy search. Make guests feel at home on your site by putting any info they might want in their hands without fuss. Learn more about how Swiftype can hook you up with the search that suits you best at swiftype.com.


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