Ready To Up Your Customer Service Game? Be A Support Hero

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Repeat after me: the customer is always right. The customer is always right. The customer. Is. Always. Right.


That age-old mantra is especially true when your company is a startup. Early stage users can make or break your company. Startup founders need to make sure that everyone is happy if they’re going to survive in this crowded market. One bad blast on social media? You’re done.


Support Hero is one company that’s all about making sure that your company’s customers are not just always right but always treated right. While having someone on hand to answer any questions that customers might have is great (don’t ditch that customer support chat bar yet), Support Hero points to a Zendesk survey that found that 67% of app users would rather figure out how to solve a problem themselves than turn to your support team.


Sounds like the best customer service may be the service they give themselves.




With that number in mind, Support Hero makes sure that your support section is actually working for your customers. They provide you with statistics on what your customers are actually searching for, so you know where to beef up the help sections and what can be relegated to the background. It’s customer service before the customer even asks to be served.


They also give you insights into how your customers are searching for answers – and you may be surprised by the results. Many sites don’t even realize what their customers are searching for, because they have no way to monitor it, until they sign up for Support Hero, of course.


But, of course, there are times when even your finally tuned, data-driven help section can’t answer a customer’s question. For those moments, Support Hero first makes sure that they’ve gone through your support sites and then, if the customer still has a question, they collect the kind of data that you need to answer their question quickly, efficiently, and properly.


Say goodbye to support tickets that say things like “Your app doesn’t work!” forever.


Finally, Support Hero takes a mobile-first approach by letting users embed their Help Center directly into their apps, which means you’re less likely to lose customers who can’t be bothered to go off app. Remember: this is the age of super short attention spans and most people will get distracted by the next shiny thing before they’re willing to seek out answers to what they’re looking for.


Alright folks, I want to hear it one more time:


The customer. Is always. Right.


Make sure they’re treated right with Support Hero.


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