How to submit? – Tame The Open Road originated from a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from San Diego, who just wanted an easier way to organize their Sunday morning trips.

The site has grown substantially and now includes long distance and international routes. uses both GPS and GIS (geographic information system) so that motorcycle enthusiasts can easily share routes, experiences and tips. You can visualize the route by going to the google map and seeing all the different icons for all of the different routes in the location you are searching for. When you choose a route you get the total miles and starting coordinates. You get a description of the ride, the weather forecast, a more detailed map and rider comments. is a great site to get route information and riding tips. Own the road by visiting In Their Own Words

“Sunday Morning Rides, LLC TM (SMR) was conceived in the summer of 2006. Initially, we were neither a formal group nor a company. We were just a handful of riders who, in spite of our jobs, families, and other commitments, found a common time to meet-up and ride on Sunday mornings. Although many of those 6:30 AM wakeups were tackled with bleary eyes, we pushed enthusiastically on, and soon found ourselves committed to our weekend rides. Not surprisingly, our ranks began to grow and we found ourselves spending way too much time getting each other organized and trying to come up with new rides that would appeal to the group.
So, of course we needed a fix-all website. First, it was simply going to be another online forum where we could organize meet-ups amongst our friends. However, at about the same time, a couple of us were exposed to the world of geographic information systems (GIS) for research including environmental response in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. So, as you can guess, we connected the dots and designed our own mapping technologies. Well, unlike many of the other “great” plans banging around inside our helmets, we managed to stay out of our own way and our mapper is now a centerpiece for While the idea of sharing GPS files is not new, we decided early on that SMR would be much more. We wanted SMR to focus on the needs and interests of riders, providing simple ways for people to share experiences, viewpoints, and media without having to slog through another forum, memorize another login, or struggle with an overly technical interface.
After all, when you just want to ride, it should be painless to find places to go. It should be even easier to access and customize the info you need to preview that ride from the perspective of other riders. We hope accomplishes this goal for you, and if you find yourself with a few weekend hours in beautiful San Diego, let us know, Sunday morning is always FREE!”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a great site for the motorcycle enthusiast. It is a welcoming community that really wants everyone to participate. If you have a ride that you are interested in but it is not in the GPS/GPX format, it is not a problem. Simple email the info to SundayMorningRides and they will set it up for you. If you are crazy about motorcycles but have given riding a rest you can still enjoy the site by looking through motorcycle articles on tips, reviews and tutorials.

Some Questions About

SundayMorningRodescom has a lot of information on the site. There are many articles, but the site could add a photo gallery which could feature photos of people’s rides, or even a space for videos. More people could connect if there were even more Web 2.0 features such as users creating a profile with all of their riding info, photos and even videos.

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