How to submit? – Summer Glau Official Website Glau is a Texan actress and dancer that rose to fame as River Tam in the cult-favorite series “Firefly” and the subsequent movie “Serenity”. She now stars as a terminatrix named Cameron Phillips on The Sarah Connor Chronicles alongside Lena Headey (Sarah Connor) and Thomas Dekker (John Connor).

Fans of Summer are going to come across a lot of interesting features and stuff on her website. All the latest news concerning future projects can be found online, alongside her biography and a concise filmography. As it could be expected, there is a comprehensive gallery that includes stills of Summer in her various roles, along with red carpet photographs and street candids. The site also features a forum where Summer Glau fans and followers can convene and exchange ideas. Links for buying DVDs such as the Firefly complete collection or the Serenity movie at stores like Amazon are provided as well.

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