Successfully complete projects with the help of Estimate’s project managers

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Completing a project that requires technology know-how can be difficult if that’s not your area of expertise. You could spend time and energy trying to find and hire developers and a project manager, or, you could join Estimate, a platform that helps you get your project done quickly and with high quality.

Estimate assists with projects related to software development, web design and digital marketing. When you join the Estimate platform, you have access to an experienced team of developers as well as a project manager to help guide your project from start to finish. Users start by entering information about their project, then Estimate assigns a project manager that is best suited for their specific project. Estimate also selects developers for your project, and the project manager ensures everyone is on the same page and helps the project to go smoothly.

Estimate also provides the opportunity for people to earn extra money as a partner, earning commission for bringing new customers to the platform. Users simply sign up and are given a personal link to share via social media or directly with friends and contacts. When one of their referrals completes a project, the user gets paid commission.

Features for customers

  • New Project button: Users click this to create a new project and add any known details about the project. If there’s any information they’re not sure about, an Estimate team member will reach out after reviewing the provided information.
  • Project manager: After reviewing the details of a project, Estimate assigns the best project manager for that project. The project manager stays in contact with the user throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Chat section: Users can chat with their project manager, ask questions, and get the help they need to ensure their project is a success.
  • My Projects: Under the My Projects tab, users can view the milestones achieved so far as well as the progress of the work.

Customers can also make secure payments, check their transaction history, download invoices, and more.

Features for Partners

  • Referral link: Partners receive a personal link that they can share via social media or directly with people.
  • My Partners tab: Users can register their partners, view their partners and see the projects they’ve brought to the platform.
  • Dashboard: The personalized dashboard includes users’ information like projects, direct partners, the amount of money they’ve earned, their personal link, and more.
  • Wallet: Users can click into the Wallet tab to see how much they’ve earned in commission, as well as withdraw money using their preferred payment method.
  • Commission: Commission is paid when the project is complete.
  • Verification tab: When withdrawing money, users must verify their info to ensure the security of financial transactions of customers and partners.

Are you ready to have software developed for your project? Excited to have someone else manage the project for you? Or, perhaps you’re interested in earning some extra income. Whatever you’re looking for, visit to learn how Estimate can help you get everything done, and to sign up for the platform.


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