10 Ways You’re Defeating Yourself As An Entrepreneur

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by Nellie Akalp


If running your startup has become an uphill battle, it’s time to look at how you’re handling things as the business owner. You very well may be guilty of some of these self-defeating behaviors.


1. You Fear Failure

Risk aversion and entrepreneurship do not go hand in hand. There’s a ton of risk in running your own business, and you have to be willing to accept the worst thing that could happen. Otherwise, you make all your decisions based on fear, and limit yourself from skyrocketing to success.


2. You’re Easily Deflated

Every time you lose a client, you go into a tailspin. You take it as a personal affront when people leave your company. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need a pretty tough skin, and you have to constantly remind yourself “it’s not personal, it’s business.”

3. You Do Everything

Certainly, in the early days of your startup, you’ll have your hands in all areas of your business. But knowing when to let go and delegate is instrumental to your company’s success. There’s a tendency of entrepreneurs to think no one can take on a task as well as they can, but this line of thinking simply limits you from doing more.


4. You Have the Wrong Expectations

Maybe you thought you’d turn a profit day one. Or that your Tweets will automatically generate millions in sales overnight. Whatever expectation you have that isn’t being met: reset it. Take a realistic look at what your startup can really do, and you’ll find more satisfaction in results.


5. You Listen to Other People

When your friends or family tell you that your business will never fly, you believe them. You lose confidence in your ability to grow something, simply because others don’t have the imagination to see the possibility.


6. You Don’t Trust Your Gut

Data and numbers can only take you so far. From there, you’ve got to rely on instinct. Sometimes the best — and yes, also the worst — business decisions are made based on gut instinct. Trust yours.


7. You Work in a Bubble

If you refuse to be influenced by others in your field, industry trends, or anything else from the outside world, you’re working in a dangerous bubble. And as we know, bubbles pop. As an entrepreneur, you should be a reflection of everything around you, not isolated.


8. You Don’t Know How to Communicate

If you’re seeing high turnover with your staff, you might need to point the blame on yourself. Sure, you’re mega busy, but lack of clear communication is probably the reason your staff can’t stick around.


9. You Don’t Ask for Help

You’re not a superhero. You don’t know everything. There’s always room for help, and there’s no shame in asking for it. And you’d be surprised at how much a little help can allow you to get done.


10. You Don’t Heed Advice

When others offer you advice, you ignore it. After all, who knows your business better than you? Still, people who have worked in your industry for longer, or those with experience in startups, may have words of wisdom worth hearing and acting on.


We all have moments where we’re not being the best entrepreneurs possible, and that’s okay. The key is resetting yourself and focusing on what’s important: growing your brand.


Nellie Akalp is a passionate entrepreneur, small business advocate and mother of four. As CEO of CorpNet.com, a legal document filing service, Nellie helps entrepreneurs start a business, Incorporate, Form an LLC, or set up Sole Proprietorships (DBAs) for a new or existing business.  She has formed more than 100,000 corporations and LLCs across the U.S., building a strong passion to assist small business owners in starting, running, and protecting their small businesses the right way.


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