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Submit Your Startup (OLD)

Have a great startup you’d like us to review? Tell us about it!

Since 2007, we have featured over 80,000 Startup companies from around the world. We would love to hear about yours.

There are three ways to submit your startup to us:

  1. Speedy Submission
  2. Free Submission
  3. Premium Consultation

1. Submit your Startup for a Speedy Submission

If you’re in a hurry, we offer a Speedy Submission option

For $169 we can guarantee your site will be featured within 48 hours. This is a special offer we make to startups who are in a rush and simply want to skip the review queue altogether. Click here for our Speedy Submission Service.


2. Submit your Startup for Free

We accept free submissions; however, we get thousands. If time is not an issue and getting your startup reviewed isn’t a priority, we offer a Free Submission option.

Our wait time to review free submissions is generally 4 – 6 months. We cannot guarantee that your startup will be featured once it is reviewed. Click here to submit your startup for free.


3. Submit your Startup for a Premium Consultation

For those seeking an in-depth review and analysis of their Startup, we offer our Premium Consultation.

If you’re looking to tap our expertise to get quality, objective feedback from a team that reviews over 15,000 startup ideas per month, we can make our experts available to you.

  • Valuable, expert feedback from a team with more exposure to the startup ecosystem than virtually anyone.
  • An in-depth interview about your company vision, market, unique product, and opportunities.
  • A published article on KillerStartups that will leverage the benefit of all of your time with our team to our massive audience.

We offer our consulting team to you for a flat fee of $499Click here for our Premium Consultation Service.