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Stronger | FitTech Sector

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Quick Information

  • Name of Startup: Stronger
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Website:
  • Type of company: FitTech sector
  • HQ Location: Luxembourg

Startup Founders:


Startup one-liner:

With Stronger, you will like to sweat.

Problem the startup solves:

Today, the freedom of participation in fitness competitions is only reserved for semi-professionals or professionals, which can be a long way to achieve with many years of intense training to start participating in contests. That also includes a substantial financial investment like participation fees, nutrition, transport/hotels and child care. Stronger solution is to provide a web platform where users can participate in Livestream fitness challenges.

Participation prices are low, and the number of users by challenge is limited. The challenges are 1 to 2 minutes long, and the winners get prizes in cash. Our online micro-challenging solution increases the winning percentage for many users with different fitness levels ranging from amateur to professional. Therefore, it is possible to win in a short time challenge with a minimum fitness level. Stronger is using the latest core technologies in computer vision to read each participant’s movements and count repetitions. This allows the challenges to be fast, affordable and available 24h on 7 days.

Progress and current status:

Beta testing starts in October 2022. Waiting list registration is open for beta testers. Instructions with incentives will be sent to participants before the 1rst October 2022.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Origin story: During the covid period, we couldn’t go to fitness classes with our friends anymore, so we started to use a fitness app on our own. In the app, we could see our friends using it and doing the same exercises, but more interestingly, we visited their scores and tried to beat them. That’s when the idea came to make this competition between us a reality, and not only for us, but for the entire world.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Step’n is the first company to have a clear success in the move-to-earn trend. Their solution is for people to walk every day while earning crypto. This aspect has given us a good overview about how to manage our own solution.

The company in four years will be…

The online reference of fitness competition.

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