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StreetID.comFinancial professionals looking for a chance to show the big boys what you can do, this is the service you’ve been waiting for. StreetID connects people like you with financial institutions from all around the world. A very slick search engine that matches candidates with hiring managers based on criteria that’s been mutually-specified is used. This provides everybody with a much more relevant experience.

If you want to use StreetID, you have to complete a detailed profile that includes information such as your education, the languages you speak and your previous work experience. You are going to fill all the different segments of the profile using pre-determined criteria, and this criteria is the same that employers are going to use to individualize the talent they are looking for. When a match is made, you are going to get an email labeled “Connection Request from an Employer”. It’s then up to you to decide whether to accept it or not after checking the employer’s profile.

And in addition to being able to network with hiring managers, the site lets you connect with colleagues and all the friends you have in the financial community. So, figuring out which companies from the ones that get in touch are the right ones for you is even simpler. In Their Own Words

StreetID connects successful financial professionals with financial institutions worldwide.

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How long can it take before you start getting offers on your email once you have signed up for the service?

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