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StrangeVehicles.comIf you are looking for strange stuff, is the right strange place to find it.

You would think the site aims to show only strange vehicles but this strange website developed itself to become a portal into the strange and weird world, which includes vehicles but much more actually. The main concept is to amaze and entertain you with an assortment of strange stuff, strange people, strange cars, dangerous events and situations that turn to be not only strange but hilarious, military strange miscellanea, fun stuff for kids and the inevitable political stories and parodies. The “Strange Family” is formed of several strange websites, each for a specific subject but all of them are linked together so it is pretty easy to jump from one another. Over 50,000 images and 40,000 articles can be found with this site and its content is unlimited, whatever you imagine can probably be found inside and thank God it keeps growing and growing every day since you can submit your own joke, picture or basically anything strange.

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