How to submit? – Letting Nonprofits Raise Funds

StayClassy.orgStay Classy is a social fundraising platform for nonprofits. In general terms, the site will let them create fundraising events and campaigns, and manage every aspect of them online.

The social element is determined by the way in which the ones in charge of the campaigns can meet their donors – sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used as the main point of contact and reference.

Moreover, the whole platform is also suitable for event organizers that are looking into ways of selling more tickets online. They will be able to add a tax-deductible donation into any ticket that they sell.

And individuals who want to do something positive and help others but just don’t know who to help will be able to figure it out through this site. All the featured nonprofits are listed by category – “Human Rights”, “Education”, “Animal Rights”, “Volunteering”… finding a worthwhile cause is achieved in just a couple of minutes and clicks.

Best of all – the entire platform is free for everybody. Nonprofits, event organizers, individuals… there are no fees to be paid to begin with, and just no premium services to speak of. In Their Own Words

“Online Social Fundraising for Nonprofits.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that it is free and open for just everybody makes it highly appealing.

Some Questions About

Can it really compete with paid fundraising software?

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